The Robert Schuman European Centre

The Robert Schuman European Centre at the University of Economy in Bydgoszcz was founded in October 2007. Its main purpose is to promote the European Union-related knowledge and also to engage in the activities belonging to three areas:

  • Education 
  • Information
  • Research

Thus, European Centre’s functioning is based on three fundamental units:

  • European Specialist Studies
  • European Information Networks
  • The European Research Area


EUROPEAN SPECIALIST STUDIES – it is an educational offer consisting of European postgraduate studies, European courses and trainings and European College

  • European postgraduate studies – it is a modern educational offer which responds to the educational needs in the European Union area. The main purpose of the studies is to provide the participants with knowledge and practical skills related to European Union issues, with particular consideration of European Union procedures and mechanisms, its legal system, decision making system, economic side of European integration and practical aspects of Polish presence in the EU structures
  • European courses and trainings – a sequence of classes directed to people interested in broadening their knowledge and acquiring new competences in the European area
  • European College - it is directed to students interested in broadening their European-related knowledge, with particular consideration of social and economic, legal, institutional, and cultural aspects


EUROPEAN INFORMATION CENTRE – consists of European Commission information centres – Europe Direct, Eurodesk information centres, European Documentation Centre and Enterprise Europe Network local centre

  • European Commission information centres - Europe Direct – Bydgoszcz and Inowrocław at the University of Economy belong to the all-European information network which is managed and co-funded by the European Commission. Their main tasks include providing information and advice in all areas related to European issues, with particular attention to local social needs.
  • Regional and Local Eurodesk Information centre in Bydgoszcz and Inowrocław at the Univeristy of Economy – centres which carry out the European information programme for the youth and people working with them. The offer is directed mainly to secondary school students, university students and teachers
  • European Documentation Centre – its aim is to support academic and research centres in promotion and development of European Integration research. But first and foremost, European Documentation Centre is a European library collecting official European Union publications which are made accessible free of charge (in electronic or paper version) in European Union official languages
  • Enterprise Europe Network local centre at Europe Direct information centre – offers small and medium-sized enterprises comprehensive services which help to develop the potential and innovative abilities


THE EUROPEAN RESEARCH AREA – is a section of European Centre which consists of European publishing activities, European research and analyses, European conferences and seminars, European programmes and grants

  • European publishing activities – inaugurated in 2008 with the “European studies and analyses” series. Its main purpose is to present different aspects of European Union. Since 2009 a new title has been published: “European Union – social and economic perspectives” (earlier: “European Union – social and economic studies of the future of the Community”). Its main purpose is presenting both social and economic sides of European integration and practical aspects of Polish presence in European structures. European centre also issues information and promotional materials related to European Union, such as brochures, compendiums of knowledge or leaflets
  • European research and analyses – are conducted in order to learn about the European knowledge and awareness level of both the inhabitants of Pomorze and Kujawy region and the residents of Poland. We also try to confront this knowledge with the knowledge of residents from other European countries by conducting research and analyses in those countries
  • European conferences and seminars – organizing conferences, workshops, training modules, European lessons and debates is a very important activity area. It contributes to the increase of European knowledge and awareness among the local society in kujawsko-pomorskie province
  • European programmes and grants – European Centre also engages in European projects. These are projects both from structural funds and international programmes. We apply for and carry out projects from different areas, such as education or entrepreneurship. We also deal with projects which spread European Union knowledge and inform about processes of the EU enlargement


Robert Schuman European Centre

at the University of Economy in Bydgoszcz

Garbary 3, 85-229 Bydgoszcz

tel./fax: (+48 52) 567 00 69